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What is Cape Cod Advocacy Center?

Our experience of more than twenty years working in special education, legal services and the public education services sector has brought this team of professionals together. Christine, Susan and Janet know that navigating the school "system" on behalf of your child can be a complex and daunting challenge. The depth and breadth of our professional experience affords us the ability to provide superior support to you and your child.

A child with learning challenges can easily get discouraged or overlooked in school. The laws protecting a child's rights to a free appropriate public education are so overwhelming and confusing that often time parents don't know what steps they can take to create a better educational experience for their child. Understanding the meaning of school procedures and documents, educational testing, Individual Education Plans, and policies can be difficulty as well. Cape Cod Advocacy Center can help you to understand it all.

We have an in depth understanding of the special education laws, as well as the practical applications available to address your child's unique needs. We clearly understand the special education process and will provide you with the services you need to support your child. We are familiar with the local school districts, their resources and can suggest solutions to concerns or problems you may be experiencing. Cape Cod Advocacy Center is dedicated to ongoing professional development and staying current with regulated educational practices. Let this great team help you obtain a more successful education experience for your child today.